Email Marketing Campaigns

For B2B organisations email marketing is one of the most cost effective and targeted marketing activity of any digital marketing channel.

Email marketing yields an average 4,300% return on investment for business and brands across the US. (Direct Marketing Association 2014). However email marketing is very easy to get wrong. At IMS we have a track record of surpassing the industry average email marketing benchmarks. Here are just a top level overview of the stages of email marketing campaigns.

Email Campaign Objective Planning

Email marketing should be a continuous planned activity. The initial cost of set up is fixed and the variable costs of sending out emails are quite low after the first email. IMS Marketing Formulate an optimal time frame for email marketing campaign delivery over a yearly period.

Building Targeted Relevant Database

The quantity and quality of an email database is crucial to the success of any email marketing campaign. IMS Marketing have vast experience in helping clients grow their email database

Email Database Management

For B2B market the buying cycle can be quite slow and nurturing leads is crucial in the buying consideration period. Email marketing can be a key activity in building the relationship and building brand knowledge. CRM integration and configuration are invaluable in segmentation and success of email marketing campaigns.

Campaign Concept Development

Each email should have a core message or concept that is compelling for the target audience and also meets the. Emails are competing for user’s attention and must be impactful in order to stimulate a positive reaction.

Compelling Email Design

IMS Marketing’s creative designers can design custom branded emails to fit any email concept. Our preferred platform of choice is Mailchimp.
Professionally Designed Landing Page
Email marketing objective is typically to drive recipients to a website with the aim of some sort of action i.e. purchase or enquiry. Bespoke professional emails

Email Delivery to Maximise Marketing Effectiveness

Timing and subject lines of emails are critically important in generating a high open rate. IMS Marketing have in-house intelligence which can identify the optimal times to send email campaigns.

Full Metrics Reporting

Analysing the performance of an email campaign is crucial in deriving learning outcomes to allow for continual improvement of the email marketing campaign process.

Email marketing should form part of an integrated digital marketing plan. IMS Marketing have a proven track record in the field of email marketing in surpassing industry average email marketing benchmarks.

Our Approach

The core to any project in IMS Marketing is setting clear goals and objective, for the Email Campaigns we work on this is not any different.

IMS Marketing work closely with the client to define the main objectives, review an clean the relevant database, segment the company’s email lists, and create a targeted email marketing campaign for that particular segment.

Through careful list management i.e. CRM systems, marketing automation tools IMS Marketing work with the client to ensure email marketing is relevant and has a high focus on return on investment.

From A/B testing to monthly KPIs we work on building campaigns that achieve optimum results.

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