Brand Development for Diagnostic Green.

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The Client

Diagnostic Green.


MedTech & Healthcare

A bright future for a fluorescent product

The Diagnostic Green Company is the leading provider of trusted high quality fluorescence agents for clinicians world-wide.  The company consulted IMS with the goal of undergoing a complete rebrand to modernise their presence in the market. Due to different regulatory compliances in the US compared to other regions, there was a need to create localised sites which would allow the company to be legally compliant in different regions. IMS worked closely with the client throughout this project, resulting in a complete transformation of the brand.

Website Design & Development

Webs design mockups on different devices for Diagnostic Green
Website mockups for Diagnostic Green

Digital Design

Mockups of digital design for Diagnostic Green

Sales & Marketing Collateral

Popup banner mockups for Diagnostic Green
Popup banner mockups for Diagnostic Green
Tradeshow booth mockup for Diagnostic Green

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