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Intelligo brand overhaul to aid expansion into international markets

Intelligo is a leading provider of enterprise-level Payroll & HR software for the Irish and UK markets. The company approached IMS looking to develop a new brand identity that would revitalise the company as it looked to expand its footprint in the UK market. IMS conducted a strategic review of the existing brand including website, branding, messaging, and marketing activities. Along with customer interviews and a thorough competitor analysis, all of the insights were now in hand to develop the blueprint for the stunning new Intelligo branding and positioning.

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Website Design & Development

Intelligo is all about trust. Their customers trust them to provide a flawless service and retaining and repaying that trust as paramount for the company.

The new Intelligo website, and indeed all of the branding and material that IMS created for Intelligo, reflects this through the use of strong colours, simple icons and graphics, lots of lifestyle imagery, and a carefully planned layout that puts the user at ease as they browse through the site.

Due to variations in payroll regulations in Ireland and the UK, there are two versions of the site, each with slightly differing content to ensure clients in those two markets always receive the right information.

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