Product Animation for ICT Company to Focus on Customer Pains.

Video & Animation

The Client

Irish-based ICT Company


Internet Connectivity

Product Animation for ICT Company

Netcelero are an Irish-based ICT company providing connectivity solutions which facilitate robust and reliable internet connectivity, even in remote locations. One of their core target audiences is the CCTV industry, as companies operating in this sector regularly combat poor internet connectivity due to remote location and/or temporary infrastructure.

We worked with our client to drill down into a specific pain point which their solutions can address. We wanted to create an animation which truly resonated with our target audience so they would see our client as the antidote to their problems.

Our Process

We worked on a clear and concise script to convey our key messages, and devised a creative direction for the animation which would allow our target audience to relate to the challenges and pain points. We then created a 90-second animation, complete with music and voiceover, and pushed it out on social media and as part of a website redevelopment.

What Next?

The animation has received excellent feedback from clients and from the marketplace, and there are plans afoot to create a series of similarly-themed animations to speak to other target audiences with differing challenges.

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