Geographically focused online campaigns drives UK lead generation on limited budget.

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The Client

Renewable energy solutions provider.


Building Services

The Brief

Our brief was to increase brand awareness and support lead generation in the UK.

The Challenge

Our client had one sales person based in Ireland who travelled to the UK on a weekly basis to develop sales leads. This was very challenging from a geographic perspective. Our client also didn’t have any marketing team and had a limited marketing budget for promotion.

The Idea

Our marketing strategy and promotional plan had to focus on supporting the limited sales organisation of our client. Promoting our client on a UK nationwide basis was likely to be highly inefficient from a spend perspective and wouldn’t help the Sales Manager who was already spending a lot of time driving to & from sales appointments across the UK. Instead our proposed plan was to choose a small geographic area in the UK and focus 100% of the marketing and lead generation efforts in this region. With a base in Coventry, we chose a region within a 50 mile radius for the planning and implementation of a Google PPC campaign. Using the geo-targeting option within Google’s campaign planner we were able to maximise our client’s limited budget and generate weekly leads.

The Results

Our campaign generated an average of 3-4 quality leads per week. Our client was able to manage these leads on an efficient basis and at busier times, the campaign was paused, thereby protecting budget. Overall, this campaign demonstrated the potential of a highly targeted geographic campaign when a company has a limited sales team and marketing budget.

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