Modernising an established law firm.

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The Client

Hayes McGrath LLP



Hayes McGrath LLP

Hayes McGrath LLP is a leading law firm for the insurance industry. They provide comprehensive claims resolution and policy advice, including mediation, arbitration, and litigation. 

Hayes McGrath sought IMS’s services when they were changing their name to Hayes McGrath LLP. During this change, the client decided they wanted to clarify and amplify their brand image to the marketplace. Following a brand discovery research project, IMS designed a fresh new logo and completely new website for Hayes McGrath LLP along with other branding collateral that would represent the findings from customer research.

Logo Design & Brand Identity

Hayes McGrath logo on a white background
Hayes McGrath logo on a black background
Mockup of a letterhead for Hayes McGrath

Website Design & Development

Website design Mockups for Hayes McGrath
Close up view mobile web design mockups for Hayes McGrath
Hayes McGrath website mockups for mobile
Hayes McGrath website mockups across different screen resolutions
Hayes McGrath web design mockup for desktop

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