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The Client

M&M Qualtech


Electronics & Manufacturing

New Brand Development Gives a Lasting Impression

M&M Qualtech is a full service and manufacturing company specialising in electronics for challenging applications, working with customers in five specialist areas: Medical Device, Automotive, Aviation, IOT and ICT.

M&M Qualtech sought to use IMS Marketing’s services to

  1. Develop a formal digital marketing plan for the business.
  2. Improve website brand presence.
  3. Develop an updated brand image for the company.

Website Design & Development

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m&m qualtech website design concepts

Internal Branding

The Brief

Our client wanted to maximise the potential of customer visits to their facility by creating a positive brand impression.

The Challenge

For many companies, securing a customer visit is a great opportunity to showcase your organisation and is a fantastic opportunity to progress a sales opportunity. Our client wanted to impress visitors from start-to-finish not just from a branding perspective but in terms of the overall sales presentation of their company.

The Idea

The starting point for this project was for IMS Marketing to play the role of a customer and experience a visit to our client’s factory. This allowed us to observe the tour, the key points communicated by different members of the team, internal signage and the sales presentation in the boardroom after. Following this audit, we prepared our recommendations which includes branding recommendations (to create a more positive first impression), key signage at various stop-off points the customer tour, key messages for different team members to communicate and the design of a new sales presentation on the company. Our client adopted these recommendations and IMS oversaw their implementation in full managing all graphic design, signage and value proposition development with the team.
Interior branding of foyer area for M&M Qualtech
Interior corporate wall branding for M&M Qualtech
Interior corporate wall branding for M&M Qualtech

The Results

Feedback from the internal branding and customer tour management has been extremely positive. There is a great confidence when customer’s visit, everyone is “on message”, and without exceptions customers are impressed. While these projects cannot claim to directly lead to new business for our client, there is little doubt that the internal impression created contributes greatly to our client’s ability to secure new contracts.

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