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Suir Engineering


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Pushing the boundaries with new branding

Suir Engineering are a leading provider in innovative mechanical, electrical and instrumentation engineering solutions throughout Ireland, the UK and some European markets. As the business continues to grow and they expand in to more global markets, Suir Engineering needed to update their branding and online presence. IMS worked with Suir Engineering to develop their brand strategy as well as creating a digital marketing plan for the business.

Suir challenged IMS to revitalise their brand and make it stand out in a crowded market. Our job was to start with their existing logo and build a brand that was bold and exciting. We created brand elements (built off Suir’s existing colour palette) that were identifiable and can translate across all mediums. These graphics are bold and unique to the industry, which make them stand out and be easily recognised as Suir.

Poster design mockup for Suir Engineering
Brochure design mockup for Suir Engineering
Brochure design mockup for Suir Engineering
Trade show design mockups for Suir Engineering

Website Design & Development

The challenge with Suir Engineering was building off their existing website. The old website contained minimal content, imagery and relevant information. Our job was to showcase the range of industries served and projects completed by creating all new content and organising information in a logical way. We did this by creating sector specific landing pages that are catered directly to a specific audience. 

Our strategy revolved around the selection of imagery and use of infographics. All images and content was strategically placed to help tell the story and convey value to the customer. 

We wanted to show that Suir Engineering are experts, so the branding and images we used on the site was geared towards showcasing the wide range of projects completed.

Website Mockups for Suir Engineering
Suir Engineering Website Mockups across different devices

Internal Branding

Internal branding overview of Suir Engineering

Corporate Video Production

Covid-19 Safety Protocol Animation

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